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June 2nd, 2023

13 mins 34 secs

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Beijing 2022: An Inside Look at the Making of the Official Olympic Film Directed by Lu Chuan

"Beijing 2022," the official film of the Winter Olympics, directed by Lu Chuan, brings together a talented cast to present a passionate and deeply moving Olympic spectacle. In a recent interview at Festival de Cannes, Lu Chuan shared his insights and experiences in bringing this monumental project to life.

When asked about the film's production timeline and its origins, Lu Chuan revealed that approximately three years ago, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games received an invitation from the International Olympic Committee to create the official Winter Olympics film. It is a long-standing tradition for each Olympic Games to have an official film, and Lu Chuan was approached to take on this prestigious project.

Initially, Lu Chuan had reservations and hesitated for a few days before accepting the offer. He was concerned about whether people would be interested in watching the film. He questioned himself, asking if he would personally watch such a film, harboring some doubts. Given that audiences already witness the complete coverage of the Olympics on television, he wondered if they would go to the theaters a year later for a movie they have already known the ending. Convincing oneself of investing time into a project that might not find an audience presented a challenge.

However, Lu Chuan didnt turn down the offer immediately. He noticed that previous Olympic films lacked a strong narrative and struggled to connect the precious footage coherently. He believed it was possible to create a different film, one with a compelling story and not merely a compilation of publicly available materials. With these goals in mind, he expressed two specific requests: the film should have a theatrical release and should be story-driven rather than relying solely on documentary footage. After receiving approval, Lu Chuan's enthusiasm for the project soared.

When asked about his approach to achieving these goals, Lu Chuan explained that although "Beijing 2022" is a documentary film, they developed a detailed script that included specific characters. However, during the filming process, the plan could not be fully executed. Many of the individuals mentioned in the script, including up to 90%, declined to be interviewed. Even Chinese athletes, burdened by the pressure to perform and the impact of the pandemic, also refused interviews. This caused some anxiety within the production team, forcing them to make adjustments to the script.

Reflecting on the unexpected challenges encountered during the film's production, Lu Chuan shared his initial assumption that being an official film, the process would be smooth, akin to competing with state-of-the-art equipment on the field. However, since broadcasting rights had already sold the best camera positions for live coverage, they faced significant obstacles. The lack of optimal angles and the refusal of athletes to participate posed the greatest difficulties.

Lu Chuan's candid insights into the making of "Beijing 2022" reveal the complexities and hurdles faced while striving to capture the spirit of the Winter Olympics in a unique and compelling manner. Audiences can anticipate an extraordinary cinematic experience that goes beyond the usual sporting event coverage, delving into the untold stories and personal journeys of those involved in this global celebration of athleticism.

"Beijing 2022" promises to transport viewers into the heart of the Winter Olympics, showcasing the power of human resilience, unity, and the enduring impact of the Olympic Games. The film's release later this year is eagerly anticipated, as it is poised to captivate audiences and immerse them in the unforgettable world of the Beijing Winter Olympics.